About us

1 - What is Smile Angels ?

Smile Angels is THE new loyalty programme dedicated to travel agents.
It’s simple: the more you (the smilers) book, the more Travel Points you accumulate.
Afterwards, you can exchange them for divine gifts in our online store.

2 - How does it work ?

Are you a travel agent ..? Then hurry up and join our Smiler community !
Every agent (even secret ones) can freely join Smile Angels loyalty program.

Meet us on Smile-angels.com, it is quick and intuitive !
Our Angels team and its legendary generosity offers you up to 1000 Smile Points if your profile is entirely filled out ;-)
There is no time to lose, sign up now !

To reach the seventh heaven, you will work your way up :
- You start your adventure at the Smiler Level
- The super agent that you are will then reach the Smiler Pro level
- If your performances amaze us , you will become a Expert Smiler

Your sales successes and achievements will lead you straight to the grail !

3 - How to earn new Smile Points ? A piece of cake !

You will obtain Travel Points when selling partner services.You have 6 months to declare your points, after which it will be too late to collect them.

Your angels can be a bit fussy sometimes: To earn your Travel Points, the linked booking has to be validated.

Your Smile Points can have 3 statutes:
- “Registered”: Well done! Your file has been registered, your Travel Points will be credited on your client’s check-in date.
- “Validated”: Hallelujah! The departure date has been reached, your customer has travelled , your Travel Points are on their way =)
- “Cancelled”: Game Over! The file has been cancelled, your angels won't be able to validate your Travel Points.

To sum up; you sell, you accumulate, you are rewarded !

You are wondering how to accumulate even more Travel Points ?
Our Angels team prepared tons of surprises for you! Quizzes, Events and even Challenges.
Log in frequently to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Feeling overwhelmed by your Travel Points ?
It’s time to give way to the temptation: you can choose whatever you like from the numerous divine gifts available in our shop !
And because our goal in life is to make our agents happy, our store is constantly updated.

Oops ! We were going to forget! If you wish more information about this programm, here are our General Terms and Conditions .